Photo Booth Backdrops

Check out our Backdrops. We have all kind of modern and edgy backdrops which will stand out at your event. We also do custom backdrop just let us know.

Standard Photo Booth Backdrops

Photo Booth Backdrops Backdrops - Honey Sequin
Honey Sequin
One of our most popular backdrops. A crowd pleaser
Photo Booth Backdrops - Caramel Gold Sequin
Caramel Gold Sequin
Darker than the honey backdrop, in some angles, catches hints of bronze
Photo Booth Backdrops - Large Silver Sequin
Large Silver Sequin
The perfect touch of glam to any theme
Photo Booth Backdrops - Small Silver Sequin
Small Silver Sequin
A subtle hint of sparkle, perfect for any occasion
Vancity Photo Booth Backdrop
Black Sequins
Backdrops - Deluxe_Sequins_White
White Sequins
Photo Booth Backdrops - The Peacock
The Peacock
Defiantly a show stopper for your event. Depending on the angle, the peacock color will change from green to blue
Photo Booth Backdrops - The Kardashian
The Kardashian
For not only the minimalist, but also the diva at heart. The new trend!
Navy Blue Backdrop
Blue Sequins
photo booth Vancouver red backdrop
Red Sequins
Rose Gold Sequins
Photo Booth Backdrops - Marble Pink
Marble Pink
So feminine, and so soft. Works amazing for bridal showers, or baby showers
Coral Pink Sequins
Cotton Candy Sequins
Mango Sequins
Tiffany Sequins

Premium Photo Booth Backdrops

Flower Power
Little Kitten
Bloom (Black)
Photo Booth Backdrops - The Geometric
The Geometric
The geometric is the perfect blend of edgy, and modern
Barn Door
Retro Gold
Fabric Hedge Wall
Wood Wall
White Marble
Tropical Gold
White & Gold Geometric
Black & Gold Geometric
Blush Geometric
Sage Geometric
Holly Berry
Christmas Bells
Deck The Halls
Candy Cane Lane
Christmas Sweater
Winter Wonderland
Tropical Paradise
Custom Green Hedge Wall
Step & Repeat
For Custom Brand Backdrops or Step and Repeat Backdrops contact us!