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Open-Air Photo Booth Vancouver
Vancity Photo Booth is one of the Top 3 Photo Booth Company in Vancouver, BC. Our Photo Booths Vancouver are equipped with state of the art equipment that delivers crystal clear photographs and high-quality prints. We use high quality themed props to best fit your event. Our Booths are fun, interactive, and user friendly for all ages. So, go ahead, strike a pose!

Our open air photo booth rental is perfect for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate events, bridal/baby showers, Reception parties and so much more. Renting a Photo Booth from us is very easy and quick process. Our Photo Booths can turn any type of events into party and publish your event on all social Media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
The sky’s the limit!

Photo Booth Vancouver
Full Day Photo Booth Rentals
For Brand Activation, or full day conferences, We offer Self-Service Photo and GIF Booths. We keep things simple so you don’t have to fuss around with wires, cables, cameras and of course complicated technology. We make everything user friendly so you can enjoy the event with the guests. Weather you choose to keep the photo booth for a few hours, a few days, or even weeks, we offer multiple day rentals for a fraction of the price.
VPB-Full Day Rental Photo Booths
Enclosed Photo Booth Rentals
Do you prefer having the old school classic feel of a photo booth? Having an open concept photo booth may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so we like to keep our options open. If you want that glam feel of the classic enclosed photo booth, look no further. We make sure to keep the same quality of photographs for the enclosed photo booths, as we do for the open concept. And don’t have to worry about squishing into a tight space. We make our enclosed photo booths roomy enough to fit up to 6 people! So go ahead and round up a group of friends and start posing!
VPB-Enclosed Photo Booths
Open-Air Concept
Open-booth concept allow you to include more people in the fun.
Instant Print
Instant Prints in a blink after each session.
Full social media integration so your party can continue online.
Instant Print
No limits on the amount of shots you take or prints you make! Customizable print layouts to match your event’s decor or theme.
Instant Print - Vancity Photo Booth
Get Social
Full social media integration so your party can continue online. Guests LOVE to instantly share their images via social media, text and email.
Get Social - Vancity Photo Booth
Event Prices
Event Prices
Our team has tailored Premium Packages for each type of event. Select your event type to learn more!
Event Galleries
Event Galleries
Find your pictures in our event galleries below and feel free to download them or share with your friends.
Brands Who Trust Us
Brands Who Trust Us
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