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2023 Average Photo Booth Rental Prices

The basic cost of renting a photo booth in Vancouver usually starts from $200 per hour and can go up to $300 per hour or more. Most photo booth rental companies have a minimum rental requirement of 2 to 3 hours. With add-on services, such as high-tech features, prop upgrades or customized print templates, you can expect an increase in the total cost of renting a photo booth for your event.

You might think that all photo booths are created equal and you should just hire the cheapest photo booth rental in Vancouver. This is a misconception. Some companies offer a super low rate but require you to order add-ons at exorbitant prices. You will find your total bill adding up quickly before realizing it. Some might promise an affordable photo booth rental prices but do not go the extra mile by including booth attendant, setting up or taking down service or social media sharing. Less reputable vendors might even arrive late at functions or produce prints of disappointingly low quality. Such consequences can ruin a corporate event or an important occasion like a wedding.

On the contrary, there are companies who might charge a slightly higher price, but their services are exceptional, and what you get is a seamless experience that more than justifies the price you pay. It helps to do some research or ask for recommendations from friends and family before committing to a photo booth rental company.

To truly understand what contributes to the differences in pricing and learn tips on how to save on photo booth rental cost, there are several factors to consider. 

Weekdays vs Weekends

Timing is key. You can normally get a cheaper photo booth rental price on weekdays. Even if the vendor does not state this on their website, you can ask to see if they are willing to negotiate a lower price for a weekday rental.

Photo booth rentals are popular on weekends. Saturdays are considered prime time but some companies might charge a lower price for Sundays as we do. So if you are looking for an affordable photo booth rental option and your event day is flexible, you can consider renting it on a Sunday.

Major holidays such as Christmas or New Year are peak periods. It is difficult to find a discounted photo booth rental deal for these occasions. Busy time of the year like prom and popular wedding months, which usually take place in spring, summer and early fall, will also mean that photo booths are in high demand. You should definitely reserve your photo booth in advance if your event falls within the high seasons.

Rental Time

You might think that the longer you rent the photo booth, the more you pay for it, so it is better to rent for a lesser amount of time. You will be surprised to know that this is often a misconception. It is generally cheaper to rent for a longer time if your budget allows. Take our corporate event rental booth package for example. Renting our service for 3 hours costs $699; for 4 hours, it costs $845. The hourly cost for a 3-hour rental is $233, while the hourly cost for a 4-hour session is lesser, at around $212.

A shorter session will usually suffice for a function with lesser than 100 guests. If you are organizing a big event or expecting many attendees, you might want to give everyone enough time to have their photos taken at the photo booth and have a jolly time interacting with each other. This is a good opportunity to consider renting the photo booth for a longer session.

Types of Photo Booths

The type of photo booth you rent also determines the pricing. By opting for an enclosed photo booth, it will cost more due to the size of the booth and the intricacy in setting that up.

Sometimes an enclosed photo booth might not be able to accommodate as many people as an open booth. Open-air photo booths are generally more economical. With fewer components, they are easier to set up. Based on your event, you should think about what kind of photo booths will appeal to the guests.

Companies often charge extra for high-quality props or premium backdrops. You might feel tempted to pay for these add-ons but check first to see if you are satisfied with the standard offerings. Some companies require a surcharge for renting standard props and backgrounds but we provide a selection of fun themed props and classy backdrops that come free of charge with our packages. Perks like this will offer good value for money for our customers.

Service Quality

Technology often drives up the cost of photo booth rental as well. If you want to incorporate state-of-the-art software or use an interactive camera system, you can expect to pay more. However, these innovative components do come with bells and whistles that will definitely elevate your event into something extraordinary and could be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are looking to impress the people attending the event. Even with high-tech features, we make sure all our booths are user-friendly so our customers do not have to bother with cables, setups or complicated handling.

Package Options

An all-inclusive photo booth package pricing can work to your advantage and help you save on rental cost. The important detail is to check what is included in the package that you are interested in. For our packages, we always include complimentary standard backdrop and props, customized photo template and unlimited sessions with one print per photo shoot, on matte or glossy photo paper. All the photos will be stored and can be found in an online gallery, ready to be shared via social media. There is no extra charge for booth setup and takedown, which is good news for our customers. We also have one booth attendant on-site to troubleshoot problems and make sure the photo booth runs smoothly, so our clients can have peace of mind and enjoy their events as well.


Add-ons can increase the total rental cost of photo booths. If there are certain features you wish to include but do not see in the usual packages, you can always request to for those extra services. Most people like to upgrade their photo booth rentals with premium props and custom backdrops or get double prints for each photo. Adding stand-by time in between speeches and dinner is more economical than renting the photo booth for more hours than necessary. While add-ons might cost more, you get the freedom to include the services you want, tailoring it to your event and the needs of the attendees.

Another alternative to add-ons is requesting for a custom package or include a bundle option. For instance, we offer photography service on top of our rental. This provides extra coverage for your event, which will be more affordable than having to hire external photographers. 

What to look before Renting?

It is important to find a photo booth rental company that fits your budget while providing amazing services. Read the reviews of the vendors you are considering. See their past works and client portfolio. Social media like Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for you to check out how the photo booths from these companies look like at real functions. You should avoid vendors with unreliable services or sub-par products, and look out for those who do not follow through with the agreed terms and conditions.

Photo booths have the magical ability to transform any event into a party, allowing all guests to have fun and create lasting memories. If you are looking for a company with superior equipment, years of experience and a diverse portfolio of clients, all at a reasonable price, feel free to browse our packages for something that will suit your needs and budget!

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